E-commerce Germany Awards: Best in Online Shopping in 2024!

E-commerce Germany Awards: Best in Online Shopping in 2024!

It’s great news for people who do business online that the E-commerce Germany Awards are back. This year’s event in Berlin, a lively city, looks like it will be bigger and better. It has a new look and more categories.

E-commerce Germany Awards: The categories have been changed to make them more fun!

E-commerce Germany Awards: Best in Online Shopping in 2024!

Something new has been added to the E-commerce Germany Awards for 2024. Well, now there are 13 cool areas of success. They range from sales and growth to new ideas and tech progress. All of these cool things are even put together in a group.

  • The best way to boost sales and growth
  • The best ERP and platform
  • The most effective way to pay
  • The Best Way to Do BI and Analytics
  • Showcase of the Best Agencies
  • The best way to handle IT and security
  • The best way to handle ecommerce and integration
  • How to grow abroad in the best way
  • The best way to handle shipping and logistics
  • The best way to meet needs and improve performance
  • The best way to make clients pleased
  • The best way to talk to people and get them interested
  • The Best New Ideas and Tech Progress
  • That’s the point: to find real answers that work!

These days, having a cool name isn’t enough; what you’ve done is what matters. The people in charge want to know the real story of how you took over online shopping a year ago. You now know how to win!

E-commerce Germany Awards: Get to know the cool judges!

The jury is different from most people, which is good news. Everyone has a chance because there are big stars and cool niche players. The judges know a lot about Dance, Bike24, flaconi, and other things.

A fair game with a fresh way to vote

There will be no more contests for fame! People now vote in different ways. Now, people vote 40% of the time, and a panel votes 60% of the time. The best e-commerce winners will get the attention they deserve now that the rules have changed.

E-commerce Germany Awards: How to Take Part in the Fun

When it comes to online shopping, are you killing it in Germany or the DACH region? Now is your chance to shine at the E-commerce Germany Awards! Here are the steps you need to take to join:

Pick Your Battles: Look at the groups and pick up to two that fall into each one.

Show Off Your Moves: Make a list of all the great things your company did last year, like new ideas, successes, and so on. It’s your time to shine when you walk in!

Follow the directions on the EGA screen and click “Submit.” This will help your business get in the game. Your entry should really stand out and say, “We’re the best in the business!”

Now is your chance to be different from everyone else who shops online. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to show how great your company is!